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We eat, sleep and breathe music! We truly are music junkies! Our writers are musicians themselves and love sharing their knowledge and experience as well as testing out new gear and learning opportunities.  Whether you’ve been playing/singing for 20+ years or you are just looking to get started, we have something here that you will love.  So, sit back, relax and check out some of our latest information!

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From the latest gear and techniques to the latest news, our writers in the music industry will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest for guitar, vocals, piano, gear and much more!

The Best Methods to Learn Guitar

If you have ever had the desire to master several music styles or completely learn music theory or even just to learn more than a few songs then you should definitely go with paid lessons.

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Ah, the good old axe.  There’s nothing like picking up a six-string and jamming with friends or along with tracks.  Ready to learn something new?  Let’s dive in!


From keyboard and piano reviews to exploring new techniques and methods of playing.  Our writers know a few things about tickling the ivories. 


There’s more to perfecting the art of singing than first meets the ear.  From breath control to finding the perfect pitch.  Anyone can improve their vocals in no time!


When it comes to performing and recording or even jamming with friends on a Friday night, gear can make or break your sound.  Let our gear experts help you perfect your setup!

What They Say!

I always thought I was too old to learn to play an instrument and it seemed way too difficult to me.  Through H2H music I was able to find the learning style and type of lessons that work best for me and now at the age of 42 I’m actually playing bass guitar in a band!

Debra Peters


I’ve been playing piano for years but always lacked the confidence to sing.  I found some great resources here and greatly improved my annunciation, breathing technique, and pitch.  I am much more confident now.

Andy James


There are so many options when it comes to recording and stage gear but H2H really breaks it down to the bare minimum you need to sound like a professional.  I like how it’s easier to determine what is essential and budget friendly without breaking the bank.

Russell Mathews