5 Reasons Not to Use Your Guitar as a Sledgehammer

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It's easy to want to give up when you try to play the first few practice sessions and all you are left with is tired sore fingers and a ringing in your ears.

Learn to Play GuitarIf you are getting frustrated in your guitar training adventure then you may be thinking about smashing it into something just like a sledgehammer.  It’s easy to want to give up when you try to play the first few practice sessions and all you are left with is tired sore fingers and a ringing in your ears.  Almost every musician faces this obstacle at some point and it is those that overcome the temporary discomfort or the boredom from practicing the same piece over and over that become accomplished musicians.  So I present to you five reasons not to use your guitar as a sledgehammer!  🙂

1. It’s Really not That Difficult – Ok, I know it may seem like you will never play that first chord without the strings making an awful buzzing sound.  You may think that the scale, or lead riff, or barre chord that you are trying to get down is impossible for you but I guarantee you that it is not.  If you are just starting, just know that it only takes a couple of weeks of regular practice to build good calluses on your fingers and to pick up your first couple of simple songs.  If you have been learning for a while and have hit a wall then you should know that one day things will just snap and your fingers will start cooperating even on the most complicated song or guitar piece you are trying to play.

2. It Makes You Smarter – How would you like to improve the functionality of your brain while playing music rather than studying in books?  Not only do those who learn to play guitar or another instrument experience improvements in finger dexterity and the ability to decipher sounds more easily but they also have greater verbal capabilities and overall perform better academically.

3. Quitters Never Win –  It’s true!  you will never know what you could have accomplished if you give up now.  You will never play in a band.  You will never impress that special girl or guy or your friends with your guitar skills.  You won’t ever be able to play that song that you have been wanting to play or play just for the enjoyment or relaxation.  You will not ever experience any of these things unless you keep practicing and playing.

4. Playing Guitar Can Help Relieve Stress – If you have ever just had a day where you were stressed out (and who hasn’t?) then you will understand this one.  For many of us soft music is a great mood changer and relaxer.  However, the act of playing the guitar can actually do that plus some.  So even if you never plan to play in a band or impress anyone but yourself, playing the guitar can make a huge difference in your life.

5. A Sense of Accomplishment – Almost everyone will attempt to learn a musical instrument in their life.  But only a small percentage of those actually stick with it.  When you are finally able to play your first song it is a great confidence booster.  As you continue to learn to play the guitar, that confidence will build on itself and you might even be encouraged to take on other tasks that before were seemingly impossible!

So if you were thinking about picking that guitar up and slamming it into the ground or just thinking about giving up on guitar then you might want to think twice.  You really are missing an opportunity that could absolutely change your life.  Think of all of the benefits that you can gain just by learning to play guitar and it will make all that hard work, especially in those first few weeks, well worth it.

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