The Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Playing Guitar Doesn’t Have to be?Difficult!?
You Could be Playing Your First Song in Minutes…
Benefits of Online Lessons:
Learn on your own time without having to work with someone else’s schedule
Learning on the internet can be only a fraction of the cost of hiring an instructor or even group classes.
Use any internet connected device to access the instructors anytime 24/7.
Go back and revisit instructional content over and over until you are ready to move on.
Guitar Tricks
I think Guitar Tricks is the best of the online guitar courses for beginners and also has the most song lessons.

Core Learning System

A step by step course that walks you through guitar fundamentals and goes on to intermediate level training for rock, blues and country.


With over 500 fully licensed songs to learn you will be able to easily keep your practice times fun and interesting.


There are forums and other sharing features that make Guitar Tricks a great place to meet other aspiring guitarists and teachers.

Learning Tools

Guitar Tricks has games, a chord finder, metronome, a jam station with backing tracks and more all help you to pick up new guitar techniques even faster.


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Review of Jamplay
What makes Jam Play stand out is their 8+ hours of live lessons everyday.

Live Guitar Lessons

Over 8 hours of live online guitar instruction are available at Jamplay every single day. Some sessions have a specific focus and others are just Q&A sessions.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Jamplay supports almost any device out there so you can watch lessons from anywhere with an internet connection on your own schedule.


Jam Play has all of the great features that you would expect from an online guitar resource including forums, live chat, and a messaging system.


With over 500 fully licensed songs to learn you will be able to easily keep your practice times fun and interesting.


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Why Choose Internet Based Training?

Not surprisingly, many beginner guitarists choose web based training as their preferred method of learning. ?This is primarily due to convenience but there are several other factors that you may not have considered that are very helpful when consuming your guitar training.

1. Multiple Instructors

At first, you may think that having multiple instructors available could just make things more confusing but this is really not true at all. ?If you have spent any time at all attempting to master the guitar then you may have run into a dead end where the instructor didn’t quite explain things in the best way for you or maybe you just didn’t prefer their style of teaching. ?With learning from a website, you have the ability to switch instructors in order to learn different styles or even just because of preference. ?It is often helpful to get another perspective.? The internet based video sessions make it possible to have a lot of instructors for a fraction of the price of having just a single 1-on-1 instructor.

1. Learn Anywhere and Anytime

While this falls under convenience, many don’t think of how far that convenience extends. ?Only have time to practice at midnight? ?No problem! ?There are guitar training videos ready and waiting for you. ?Don’t have a computer available? ?Also, not an issue. ?These programs work from almost any smart device including phones and tablets. ?Even if you don’t actually have your instrument with you, you may be able to do some mental exercises by utilizing some of the available games and online tools such as chord finders and games that help you learn the notes on the fret board.

3. It’s More Fun

That’s right! ?Learning on the internet?is more fun because you can practice what you want when you want and you can jump into learning some great songs almost immediately. ?In fact, you could be playing your first song in just a few hours. ?Guitar learning programs that are web based have lots of popular song lessons available and they are easily organized so you know which are for beginners and which are for more advanced learners.? There are songs in just about every style readily available for students to begin playing.

4. There’s a Community

The included forums and message boards?surround you with a community of instructors and other students that can share their experiences and what is working for them. ?Being inspired by the?progress others are making and comparing notes from what you have discovered can be a great motivator!

All of these reasons and more make learning how to play guitar on the web by fare the best method.? There is just no faster or more motivating way to get started.

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