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Best Methods for Learning How to Play the Guitar Online

There are plenty of different methods?to choose from when determining how you are going to start learning. ?I can tell you right now that I didn?t get much traction in my learning for a long time. But you can learn from my mistakes! ?After spending a lot of time tracking down free lessons on the web and trying to learn what I could from them, I was very frustrated. ?My skills were just not progressing like I wanted them to. ?But that is when I found a shortcut that changed everything. ?If you are tired of searching YouTube for odd and end lessons on how to play a chord or a song then you should probably start where I ended up. ?With paid lessons. But not just any paid lessons? ?With online lessons that offer professional guitar instruction taking you from beginner guitar player to guitar awesomeness. ?I always thought that lessons like these would be as expensive as a one-on-one instructor but I was completely wrong. ?I hope you can learn from my journey and check out some of the?best online guitar lessons for beginner players that are available. ?Of course another learning alternative that I, and many others, have had success with is learn guitar dvd courses for beginners.

Why Take Lessons Online?

Imagine before it was possible to get lessons on the internet. ?If you wanted to learn to play you would probably be found at your local music shop, your local college or scanning the local newspaper for individual instructors that would teach you how to play. ?You would likely end up paying $25 USD for 30 to 60 minutes of instruction. ?And you would most likely schedule these lessons for 2-3 times per week.

Now, we have other options for picking up guitar skills on our own time. You can get guitar instruction from a site with 50+ qualified instructors from many different genres for fifteen to twenty dollars per month. ?Or, you can pay yearly and get an entire year for about $100. ?That means an unlimited amount of instruction from many instructors on many different styles of playing for a whole year and it?s often less than you would pay for 2 wks with a single instructor. ?Pro lessons are so much more accessible now. ?We will be talking a lot more about the benefits of taking guitar lessons online but for now check out this great video of Andy McKee playing the acoustic guitar for some inspiration.

In case you were wondering. ?He is playing an acoustic-electric guitar.

Which Guitar Learning Method is Best for Me?

There are more than a few ways to get training for the guitar these days. ?So before you decide on the best course or method for you to learn?how to play guitar?you have to fully understand your goals and objectives and really understand your own personal learning style. Only then, will you be able to apply that knowledge to finding the right course or other guitar instruction for you. Here are a few of the types guitar lessons that are available:

  • Guitar Lessons?Online?For those who don?t mind sitting in front of a computer to learn guitar, need video lessons to more easily understand the content, and don?t always need that one-on-one time with an instructor. Two of the most reliable paid online guitar lessons libraries are?Guitar Tricks?and?JamPlay.
  • Learn Guitar DVD?s?For those who prefer to watch their video lessons on the couch in front of the TV you can get a full years worth of lessons or more in a good DVD course. The best of the best in this arena is?Gibson?s Learn and Master Guitar. The instructor, Steve Krenz, is top knotch and he is active in their online discussions and community as well.
  • Private Guitar Lessons?Some of us just have to have the one on one lessons and feedback. While this is great for getting started, it can quickly get quite expensive at up to $40US per guitar lesson so you probably will still want to go get online lessons once you are feeling more confident in your learning ablility.

Free VS Paid Lessons

As you may have noticed by now, you can get plenty of free lessons online. The problem with these is you really just end up wasting a lot of time with lessons that have no sense of direction and you only pick up bits and pieces rather than the whole picture. ?If you have ever had the desire to master several music styles or completely learn music theory or even just to learn more than a few songs then you should definitely just go with paid lessons.

I?m not suggesting that you rush out and find an instructor at $40 per lesson but there are several online subscriptions sites like Guitar Tricks or JamPlay where you can learn guitar from your home at a fraction of the cost. Often these sites charge $15-$20US per month or less and have many instructors instead of just one. There are also guitar courses created by professional guitar instructors like Learn and Master Guitar for under $150 (now only $100) that will take you well beyond a years worth of lessons. So there are definitely more affordable ways to learn guitar.

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