A Complete Guitar Tricks Review for 2016

Guitar Tricks is dedicated to helping it?s students learn guitar online through the power of the internet. It?s excellent curriculum, thousands of lessons, dozens of expert instructors and easy to navigate site design have earned it my number one rating for online guitar courses just slightly above Jam Play.

Guitar Tricks Detailed Review

Guitar Tricks Instructors

The Guitar Tricks Instructors

Without at least one good instructor, you might as well forget about learning anything. So how does 60+ instructors sound? That?s right, there are more than 60 instructors currently with video lessons on the Guitar Tricks site. These aren?t just people that can play guitar. They are passionate musicians with a special knack for teaching. As I browsed the site and began going through lesson after lesson, I quickly realized how big of a deal this is. Having many instructors means having many perspectives, styles of teaching, and styles of music being taught. I really enjoyed having that many instructors to choose from and quickly found several instructors that were teaching the styles and methods I wanted to work on. Visit their featured instructors page to learn more about them.


The Videos

The quality of the videos is an important deciding factor to consider in any video lessons regardless of whether they are online or offline. Guitar Tricks lessons are all presented in high definition, professionally shot videos. Instead of having the tablature or music on the video screen like most DVD courses do, it is presented directly below the video. The actual video is full of close ups ?and 3-angle views like you see in the image on the left. ?Their video player even has a feature where you can have it repeat just the part of the video that you are working on.

Core Learning System

So, the curriculum (that?s a big fancy word for how the lessons are organized) at Guitar Tricks is called the Core Learning System. What I especially like about it is that you can start where you need to start and then choose the playing style that you want to master first. So if you are a complete beginner then you start with the Level 1 Guitar Fundamentals and then move on to level 2 followed by the level 1 intermediate course of your choosing. Each level is comprised of a series of tutorials that teach you everything you need to know to learn guitar online the right way. As you progress you will probably want to also move away from the core learning system some and do some of the individual song lessons.
There is a difficulty scale in place to help you determine if the song lessons are too difficult or not. There are lots of fully licensed songs for you to learn in just about every playing style imaginable. There are also Artist Studies, lessons based on guitar styles or genres, and The Top 20 Techniques Reference Lessons.

Any Device…. Anytime…

The GuitarTricks website works great on just about any internet connected device. This means anywhere you have a guitar and a phone, tablet, or computer you can spend time perfecting your guitar skills.

beginner online guitar training



Over 500 Song Lessons

guitar tricks song lessons

Over 500 songs available to learn

Songs by artists like Eagles, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Cash and More!

Songs can be sorted by artist, style, difficulty level or instructor.

There are songs to learn for every ability level from beginner to advanced.


The forums are a great place to catch up with other guitar students at Guitar Tricks as well as get help from the instructors that actually teach the lessons. ?Whatever you may be stuck on or whatever questions you may have, the Guitar tricks community puts the answers right at your fingertips.

Jam Tracks

Get ready to play along with a full band while simply sitting in front of your computer. No matter what key or style you are ready to conquer, the backing tracks in the jam station have got you covered. Simply enter your settings and start jamming along!
The Bottom Line
Guitar Tricks gets my highest rating in the online guitar lessons category because of it?s very affordable price, it?s thousands of online lessons, the ability to download lessons for offline viewing, and all the extra?s they throw in. I especially like the way they organize their thousands of lessons to make everything easy to find. You can sign up free for 14 days of Guitar Tricks lessons below.

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Disclosure: If you buy Guitar Tricks through the links on this page I’ll earn a commission and probably spend it on a new pair of socks or maybe some guitar strings. This doesn’t affect any of my opinions seen on this site. I absolutely think Guitar Tricks is the best online guitar course for beginners available.
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