Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar
My #1 Pick for Guitar Lesson DVD Course
If you are looking for something that allows you to have complete control over your learning experience then DVD lessons are perfect. Learn & Master Guitar is especially perfect for those that don’t just want to learn a few chords but are setting out with the goal of guitar mastery.

A Look at Learn and Master Guitar

Having experienced both high quality and poor quality guitar instruction in my 10 plus years as a guitarist, I jumped at the opportunity to review this guitar course and the others you will find at Learn2PlayGuitars.com. If you are ready to learn to play the guitar on your own, and you want to learn more than just a few chords and a few songs then read on. This Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course might be for you.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar includes all that you would expect to find in a typical guitar course. However, it doesn’t just stop there. The goal of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is to take you from guitar basics, through intermediate concepts, and place you well on your way to guitar mastery.

I found Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar to be well organized and very easy to use. The first thing you will notice is that the course is broken down into twenty “Sessions.” Each Session builds upon the previous one, so they are meant to be completed in order. Each concept is introduced in a simple and logical sequence. You can of course begin at any point you feel comfortable with but I found that it was best to complete each session in order before continuing to the next to effectively learn how to play guitar.
Topics Covered
  • Strumming Techniques
  • Reading Both Music and Tab
  • Major, Minor, and Pentatonic Scales
  • Music Theory
  • Basic and Advanced Chords
  • Ear Training
  • Soloing Techniques
  • And More!
About The Instructor
Learn and Master Guitar InstructorThe instructor for Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, Steve Krenz, is by far the most qualified professional instructor out of all of the courses reviewed here. He is not only a trained musician with a degree in music but he also has a passion for teaching and training other guitarists to develop their talents. He has a ton of playing experience and is actively playing and recording professionally in Nashville, Tennessee. His playing experience includes everything from playing with jazz big bands to symphony orchestras. He has played alongside artists like Israel Houghton, Tommy Sims, The Fifth Dimension, and Donna Summer. His recorded work has been used in promotional campaigns for Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and the World Cyber Games. Even with all this experience, you can easily tell that his passion is teaching and helping guitarists. He conducts many how to play guitar workshops and events in venues all over the United States. He has taught thousands of guitar lessons to people of all ages and his skill level definitely shows in the quality of his instruction in Learn and Master Guitar.
On The DVDs
The DVDs are the most important part of Gibson?s Learn and Master Guitar because this is where Steve Krenz himself sits down and shows you step-by-step even the most complicated of concepts. Each Session on the DVDs have an instruction time followed by a workshop time. Each concept is explained during the instruction portion and then practiced in the workshop. The workshop time is great because this is where you get the specific exercises to practice in order to properly learn each technique. The workshop time can be used each day during your daily practice time and typically runs about 10-15 minutes in length. When you are ready to practice you can simply turn on the workshop and Steve Krenz will go through each exercise right there with you. Also, if you purchase the ?Expanded Edition? of the course including all 20 DVDs then you will have the Bonus Workshops. Each Bonus Workshop will include additional instruction and exercises for each of the twenty sessions. These extra Workshops are not completely necessary in order for someone to begin learning guitar. However, I found the extra practice for each session extremely helpful, especially in some of the more advanced sessions.
Pros and Cons
Overall Rating
The Low Down
This is an excellent DVD course for beginners and intermediate players alike. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I personally prefer the online learning method. If you want to learn more about the learn and master guitar training program then you should click on the big shiny red button below.
If?you are serious about learning guitar the right way and want to work towards complete guitar mastery, then of course you should buy it! This is hands down the most complete, best organized, and even the most fun guitar course I have had the opportunity to review. Are you ready to be playing the songs you hear on the radio within a few weeks? If so, then you shouldn’t waste another minute. This just might be the chance you have been waiting for to finally learn how to play guitar.

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